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Hounds Hounds and Hawks in the Bayeux Tapestry, 11th century

Wolf Wolf hunt in 12th century Bestiary

14th Century:

Bodleian Bodleian
Bodleian MS 264, Romance of Alexander, 14th c. Bodleian MS 264, Romance of Alexander, 14th c.
Bodleian Bodleian |
Bodleian MS 264, Romance of Alexander, 14th c. Bodleian MS 264, Romance of Alexander, 14th c. children riding a pony and a dog

Nun Nun with dog, early 14th cent. Stowe MS17, f100r

Taymouth Book of Hours, British Library Yates Thompson MS 13, 2nd quarter 14th century (manuscript also has lovely scenes of hawking)

British Library Digitised Manuscripts] Digital facsimile of the entire manuscript:

Taymouth-BLYatesThompsonMS13 f65v.PNG Taymouth-BLYatesThompsonMS13 f66r.PNG
f. 65v: Bas-de-page scene of the young knight challenging Enyas for his greyhound, with the lady standing at the right, with a caption reading ‘Cy vie[n]t le ioene chival[er] a challenge le leurer [for levrier] au viel chival[er]’ f. 66v: Bas-de-page scene of Enyas and the young knight on either side of a tree, with the greyhound leaping towards Enyas’ hand, with a caption reading 'Cy vie[n]t le leurer a viel chivaler su[n] mestre et li ioene chivaler irrouseme[n]t sen voet co[m]batre od le viel chival[er] et dit q’il voet avoir le leu[r]er od la damoysele '
Taymouth-BLYatesThompsonMS13 f69r.PNG Taymouth-BLYatesThompsonMS13 f69v.PNG
f. 69r: Bas-de-page scene of a castle, with two ladies in the battlements, and another lady sending her hound after a rabbit, which scampers up a hill at the right f. 69v: Bas-de-page scene of a lady hunting, beating a bush for rabbits
Taymouth-BLYatesThompsonMS13 f70r.PNG Taymouth-BLYatesThompsonMS13 f72r.PNG
f. 70r: Bas-de-page scene of a lady setting a net over a rabbit warren to catch rabbits. f. 72r: Bas-de-page scene of a lady walking towards a tower, carrying rabbits on a stick in one hand, and leading two hounds from a leash in the other
Taymouth-BLYatesThompsonMS13 f80v.PNG Taymouth-BLYatesThompsonMS13 f82v.PNG
f. 80v: Bas-de-page scene of a kneeling lady in the middle of a hunt, with two hounds on a leash and a bow in her hand. f. 82v: Bas-de-page scene of a hunting lady holding back one of her hounds.

15th Century:</span>

Limer Hart
Limer helping find the Hart Hart Hunt in Livre de la Chasse

Le Hunting
Le Livre de la Chasse, 1405-10 Hunting with a greyhound and raches, 15th century Livre de la Chasse

Christine HarleyMS4431 f4r ChristinedePizan detail.jpg
Christine de Pizan with dog, early 15th cent. Harley MS 4431, f4r detail
Christine de Pizan with dog, early 15th cent. Harley MS 4431
St. William Window, c. 1414, York Minster, Lady Beatrice de Ros


Fresco (?) with limer on his leash
Boar Duc
Boar hunting with raches in the Book of Hours of Duc de Berry, 1410 Duc de Berry Book of Hours, 1410, dogs at feast

Portrait Portrait of Arnolfini, 1434

May May show an alaunt rather than a mastiff.

Night Night Hunt, with greyhounds by Paolo Uccello, c1460

Chapel Chapel of St. Hubert at the Chateau Amboise, 1491-96

Jacob Jacob Meydenbach, Mainz, 1491

The The Lady and the Unicorn Tapestry (Taste), late 15th Cent., Maltese Dog

16th Century:

1520 Cologne, stained glass window

Olaus Olaus Magnus 1555, dogs of the Swedes

De De Re Metalica, Agricola, 1556, pack dogs

Count Count Jacques du Fouilloux's 1560 book entitled La Vernarie (The Art of Hunting)

Bodleian Bodleian MS Douce b4, 18th century version of 16th century image

Joris Joris Hoefnagel, 1591-96

File:La Visión de San Huberto por Jan Brueghel el Viejo con Rubens1617.jpg The Vision of St. Hubert, 1617, by Jan Breughel and Peter Paul Reubens

Wolf Wolf and Fox Hunt, 1615-21 by Peter Paul Rubens

Bear Bear baiting with a mastiff-type dog, 1650, by Abraham Hondius


Livro Dog St.
Livro de Armeiro-Mor 1506-1509, blue on green, green on red, black on red, complexity count of 11, dog & wolf Dog in executioner's hood St. Gall 1462-1491, dog in hat and coat