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A possible game based on rat hunting, combining agility and scent work dog skills.

Dogs are given a set period of time (about a minute?) to get as many points as possible, either by successfully completing the agility obstacles or by catching "rats".

The obstacles will be attempt to recreate features of a medieval farm or manor with lots of potential hiding places for "rats".

It is the handler's discretion which obstacles to run, what order to run them, and how much time they want to spend looking for rats.

Plan to adjust points, number of rats and times as necessary to make the game work well. Ideally, an agility-only dog and a scent-only dog should be able to get equivalent scores. A winning dog would be able to do both cover lots of obstacles and find a good number of rats.

Plan to adjust scent of rats depending on the type of training people are doing. Could also accommodate live rats like barn hunting or earthworking.

Size of area probably somewhere between barn hunt (20 ft x 20 ft) and agility work (100 ft x 100 ft). Adjusted as necessary for good game play.

May allow a limited number of repeated obstacles for points (no penalty for going over that, though).

|| Item || Points || || Rat || 10 pt ? || || A-frame || 5 pt || || Dog-walk || 5 pt || || Short weave (5-6 poles) || 3 pt || || Tunnel || 3 pt || || Window/tire || 3 pt || || Jump || 1 pt ||