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"The Dog in Medieval and Renaissance Europe: Body types, uses and accoutrements", by THL Peryn Rose Whytehorse, Meridies -[[1]]

Leeds Castle Dog Collar Museum - [[2]]

Leeds Castle Dog Collar Museum

A nice photostream from Leeds Castle - [[3]]

Interesting antique collars, unfortunately post-period - [[4]]

AKC Museum of the Dog in St. Louis, MO, apparently has some "antique collars".@

7 photo14 001 300x224 AKC Museum of the Dog

Mediaeval Collars for the Modern Dog, by Alianora Munro (link from the Internet Archive Wayback Machine)

Try also images from some early French hunting manuals:

Gaston Phoebus, Book of the Hunt, Bibliothèque Nationale MS Fr 616 (15th c.)

Jacques Du Fouilloux, La Venerie (1561)

Dog Collars and Leashes in period images - (Medieval & Renaissance Material Culture website)

#x--14th Century:#x--Period Examples:14th Century:

Luttrell Luttrell Psalter (Brit. Lib. Add. 42130, fol. 64v), c. 1325-1340, coupled hounds on an around-the-body leash?

Taymouth Book of Hours, British Library Yates Thompson MS 13, 2nd quarter 14th century, f72r
f. 72r: Bas-de-page scene of a lady walking towards a tower, carrying rabbits on a stick in one hand, and leading two hounds from an around-the-body leash in the other

Book of Modus and Ratio</span>// (BNF Fr. 12399), 1379: [a hind] (fol. 18v), [a boar] (fol. 23), [a boar] (fol. 23v), and Hunting a hare (fol. 43v)

File:Modus&RatioBNF Fr File:Modus&RatioBNF Fr

15th Century:

Gaston Phoebus Book of the Hunt, c1407, BNF MS 616

BnF-MS-616f51vCollaringDogsA.PNG BnF-MS-616f51vCollaringDogsB.PNG BnF-MS-616-f616 1387-89BoarHuntLivredeChassea.jpg
BnF-MS-616f53MoreCollarsA.PNG BnF-MS-616f53MoreCollarsB.PNG BnF-MS-616f53MoreCollarsC.PNG
BnF-MS-616f54CourtMoreCollarsA.PNG BnF-MS-616f54CourtMoreCollarsB.PNG BnF-MS-616f54CourtMoreCollarsC.PNG

Gaston Phoebus Book of the Hunt, c1410, [M.1044, fol. 45]

PML MS1044 f04c1407.PNG PML MS1044 f04c1407collarsB.PNG
PML MS1044 f04c1407collarsC.PNG PML MS1044 f31c1407spikes.PNG
PML MS1044 f49c1407leashdetail.PNG PML MS1044 f64c1407workingcollars.PNG

January York
January from the Tres Riches Heures du Duc de Berry, c. 1412-1416 York Minster, c 1414, Lady Beatrice Ros

[Adoration of the Magi] by Gentile da Fabriano, 1423 - dog with muzzle

Fabriani1423CollarMuzzle.PNG Fabriani1423CollarMuzzleDetail.PNG
Head of a muzzled dog by Antonio Pisanello, c. 1420-1450

Tristan HarleyMS4431 f4r ChristinedePizan detail.jpg Dog
Tristan and the shepherds, Tristan de Léonois (BNF Fr. 97, fol. 136v), 1st quarter 15th century Christine de Pizan, Harley MS 4431, detail Dog supporting an escutcheon (Getty 7, fol. 2v, 1445) from the Book of Hours of Simon de Varie, with motto on collar

Gaston Gaston Phoebus, Mandragore for BNF Fr. 1291 (c. 1445-1450)

Bas-relief Procession
Bas-relief of story of Esau and Jacob, by Lorenzo Ghiberti, 1444-1452 Procession of the Old King in the Procession of the Magi frescoes by Benozzo Gozzoli, 1459-1460, herald with collared cat

Lancelot du Lac (BNF Fr. 112(1)), c. 1470: Lancelot beats his master (fol. 4v)

Hunt-themed playing cards with one of the suites as dog collars, collars on face cards seem to have a little extra bling? (Metropolitan Museum of Art, Flemish 1470-80)

1470-80 1470-80
1470-80 Hunt-themed playing cards, collar suite 1470-80 Hunt-themed playing cards, king of collar suite

The September, MS
The Wayfarer by Hieronymus Bosch, c. 1480 September, the Hours of Charles d’Angoulême (BNF Latin 1173, fol. 5r), c. 1475-1500 MS Egerton 2045, f89, 1480-85, spike collar on shepherds dog

The Judgment of Cambyses by Gerard David, 1498

The Garden of Pleasure, //Échecs amoureux (BNF Fr. 143, fol. 198v), c. 1496-1498, border detail

File:LivredeMaîtred'AntoineRollinBorderA.jpg File:LivredeMaîtred'AntoineRollinBorderB.jpg File:LivredeMaîtred'AntoineRollinBorderC.jpg

16th Century:

File:BNF Fr599, Two
Semiramis, De mulieribus claris (BNF Fr. 599, fol. 5v), 15th or 16th c. Two Venetian Ladies by Vittore Carpaccio, c. 1510

Portrait Portrait
Portrait of Charles V by Jacob Seisenegger, 1532 Portrait of Charles V by Titian, 1532-1533

BSB313 DogHood.jpg Prong collar on executioner dog

Boy Henry
Boy with a greyhound by Paolo Veronese, 1570s Henry Frederick, Prince of Wales, with Sir John Harington in the Hunting Field by Robert Peake the Elder, 1603


Abraham Abraham Danielsz Hondius, Amsterdam Dog Market, c. 1677, detail of dog collars

Modern Slip Collars for Coursing:

|| Collar-lure coursing 02.gif || Custom sized lure coursing slip lead leash.gif || Custom sized lure coursing slip lead.gif ||