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"The Dog in Medieval and Renaissance Europe: Body types, uses and accoutrements", by THL Peryn Rose Whytehorse, Meridies -

‘Natural History’, Pliny the Elder, 55 BC

Forest Laws of Canute, 1016, England

‘Wakefield Court Rolls- Court Rolls of the Manor of Wakefield Vol. 1, 1274-1297’ by William Paley Bailon, Yorkshire Archaelogical Society, Record Series vol. 29, 1900, England

Twiti, William, d. 1328. “The art of hunting” : 1327 / William Twiti ; ed. by Bror Danielsson. Stockholm : Almqvist & Wiksell International, 1977. 116 p., [13] leaves of plates : ill. ; 25 cm. [Bror, 1905-]

‘The Wife of Bath’s Prologue’ Geoffrey Chaucer 1340-1400

Gace de la Vigne, “Le Roman des deduis”, 1359, France

Berners, Barnes or Bernes, Juliana (b. 1388 ?), “the Boke of St Albans”, The first and rarest edition was printed in 1486 by an unknown schoolmaster at St Albans. It has no title-page. Wynkyn de Worde's edition (fol. 1496), J. Haslewood, who published a facsimile of that of Wynkyn de Worde (London, 1811, folio), A facsimile, entitled “The Book of St Albans”, with an introduction by William Blades, appeared in 1881. During the i6th century the work was very popular, and was many times reprinted. It was edited by Gervase Markham in 1595 as “The Gentleman's Academic”.

‘A Treatise on Hunting in the Boke of St. Albans’ Dame Juliana Berners (Barnes or Bernes), England, first published in 1486.

Jaques du Fouilloux, "La Venerie du Jaques du Fouilloux" 1561

‘De Canibus Britannicus’ Dr Johannes Caius, England, Latin 1570, (‘Of English dogges’) English 1576 - [[1]] (scroll down to the English translation)

Caius, John, 1510-1573. “De canibus Britannicis”. English “Of Englishe dogges, the diuersities, the names, the natures, and the properties : a short treatise written in latine”, by Iohannes Caius of late memorie, ... and newly drawn into Englishe by Abraham Fleming. London : A. Bradley, 1880. 10], 44, [26] p. : facsim. ; 21 cm. Includes facsimile of title page of original 1576 ed. Includes catalogue of New and Practical Books dated March 1880 at end. “Treatise of Englishe dogges”

Turberville, George, 1540-1610? "The Noble Art of Venerie," written in 1575 “The Book of Falconry or Hawking and the Noble Art of Venerie” (printed together in 1575) Webbed Facimile, incomplete, at [[2]]

Turberville, George, 1540-1610? “Tubervile's Booke of hunting” 1576. [Oxford] Clarendon press, 1908. -

Sir Thomas Cockaine Knight, “ A short Treasie of Hunting: com-pyled for the delight of Noblemen and Gentlemen”, Imprinted at London by Thomas Orwin, for Thomas Woodcocke, dwelling in Paules Churchyard at the signe of the black Beare. 1591, from the 1932 Shakespeare Association facsimile of the edition of 1591. Webbed Facsimile at

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‘Macbeth’ Act 3, sc. I’, William Shakespeare, 1599

Chambers, Robert, “Domestic Annals of Scotland”, 3rd edition, R & W Chambers , Edinburgh and London, 1874 ‘Domestic Annals of Scotland - Reign of James VI.’ 1603 - 1625 Part I. Webbed facsimile at [[3]]

Topsell, E., “The History of Four-Footed Beasts and Serpents and Insects”. New York: Da Capo Press, 1967. (This is a facsimile of the original edition: London: Printed by William Iaggard, 1607.) It is worth noting that Topsell's first volume is a reworking, expansion, and popularization of a late 16th-century bestiary written by Konrad Gesner,” Historiae Animalium Liber Primus”.

Topsell, E.,” The Historie of Serpents or The second Booke of Liuing Creatures: ... “, New York: Da Capo Press, 1973. (This is facsimile of the original edition: London: Printed by William Iaggard, 1608.) His second volume is likewise derived from the work of Thomas Moffett, “Insectorum sive minimorum animalium theatrum”.)

‘Actions of the Low Countries’ Sir Roger William, England, 1618

‘The Art of Fowling’ Gervase Markham, 1621

Markham, Gervase, 1568?-1637. “[contentments] “, “Country contentments : or, The husbandmans recreations : contayning the wholesome experiences in which any man ought to recreate himself, after the toyle of more serious bussiness : as namely, hunting, hawking, coursing with greyhounds, and the lawes of the lease, shooting in longbow or crossbow, bowling, tennis, baloone : the whole art of angling, and the use of the fighting cock” G. M. London : Printed by W. Wilson, for E. Brewster, and George Sawbridge, 1654. The 7th ed., newly corrected, enlarged, and adorned with many excellent additions [4], 92, [4] p. ; 20 cm. (4to)...

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